Rest Days are Tough!

So one of the big parts of training- bigger than any other actually- is Resting. Mostly cause it just takes so damn long to recover after destroying a workout.

And it is so damn hard to do this part of Training!

After this weekend’s suffer fest of fun, my legs felt like jelly most of Monday. Tuesday, I was feeling a lot better. The Legs still felt the weekend, but they were feeling much more rejuvenated. A bit of stretching and rolling and I was feeling pretty limber.

Today, my legs felt great! I had planned on getting out and putting on some miles, but Mrs. NGC and I went out and found ourselves some good trail running shoes 🙂 .  This took too long and we didn’t have the time to get in and get some miles on the legs for the night. But now we can attack the trails without too much worry of bruised feet hehe.

Now that the evening is coming to a close(and I am way to full from dinner to think much about running haha) I am realizing how “tired” my legs were. Not that they were sore, or that they were tight, they were just… Tired? Like they didn’t want to move much, if at all lol.

So now that I am thinking a bit more about it. I have “built in” rest days for training. And I have never been one to push past what I know/feel my current limits are, I’m not so full of machismo I can’t admit I need some time off. But I also don’t really “look forward” to them either.

Between fear of overuse  and wanting to make sure I can keep increasing my training on schedule, I don’t want to lose sight of the goal(making it through April without injury) in trying to make every single work-out the hardest it can be.

With this being laid out, like that, I make my hard workouts-Hard. Like really really hard. Like Arnold is crying hard. My easy days are laughable. Granny rolls by on her 12v scoot-a-round and makes a rude joke about needing to get my training wheels. My medium days or just the this side of the “uncomfortable”.

I don’t want to reach my goals. That isn’t the plan. Or the point. Or the way I do pretty much, anything.

A fighter throws a punch- not at his/her enemy, but through them. They aim past their goal(the contact of the strike). This is my approach to a goal. I look at it, understand it, and know that once contact is made, I must go past it.

In this way, I am aiming past the small stepping stones to what lies beyond them. Will they be easy- Hell No(and if it were they wouldn’t be worth it). But I know that my aim cannot end at the “event” I am training for. There must be something more, something greater, harder, something that means a great deal to me. Only by looking at the mountain can I reach inside and muster the strength to beat the hill.

There will be many hills in my future. But I can see the Mountain and it can see  me. It knows I’ll get there. I’ll have to work hard. I’ll have to work long. It will hurt. I will be exhausted. And I will rest when needed. Push when it is called for.

Now this doesn’t mean that I will always set myself up for something that tests me to within an inch of my life(at least not all the time). However, that does mean that I need to always have something to aim for and that it must be something that “means” something to me. Whether it is emotionally based, physically based, or whatever. The point is to make goals and move along. Rejoice in the moment and cherish it. But we cannot live the moments of yesterday forever. We have to make some new ones.

I always remember to smile after a challenge of any sort, and know that my Will cannot be beaten.

And to look up and let the Mountain know that there is still a challenger. 😉

In conclusion, this line of thought gets me through rest days. Thoughts of how hard the next workout will be. Of how hard the challenges to come will be. My personal and professional goals.

I guess on some level I feel like I use the tough days to “justify” the rest days. And, in turn, use the rest days to justify the tough ones haha.