Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week!

MS Awareness Picture

MS Awareness Week is Here and Your Connection Counts! Time is growing short before the MS150 Begins! And I still have a long way to go in raising donations! Please help in any way you can!

MS Awareness Week is a special week to rally together to recognize progress, acknowledge everyone’s connections and contributions, and inspire others to help us move even faster towards our vision of a world free of MS.

What YOU can do during MS Awareness Week:
Keep doing what you are already doing throughout the year. You are already changing the world for people affected by MS!
Share Why You Connect. Create a connection image about your passion for the MS movement. Share it boldly with your networks on social media and in-person to inspire and engage others.
Think about what you already do and make one extra push. Make a few extra calls, send a fundraising email, make an extra donation, thank your donors, or get a friend to join your team or in a volunteer activity.

Please help with this fundraiser. Even a few dollars(sacrifice that Latte) makes a huge difference! Remember to Share and Like! This will help get the word out and make this even easier!

You can follow this Link to Connect!

You can Follow this Link to my personal MS Website.


Multiple Sclerosis Quiz

As mentioned before, I am participating in this years Houston to Austin BP MS150.

As being a part of this amazing event was not enough, I have also been privy to multiple emails with intriguing information about MS.

I recently received an email with a simple quiz about MS. This was a huge learning experience for me. This was only 7 questions, but they all havea  huge impact on a person’s life.


I found this both amazingly eye opening and, at the same time, it created a more sensitive awareness of just what this terrible disease does to people’s lives every day.

Take a moment and look at this today. It is mobile friendly(that’s where I opened it).

This is just a glimpse of what it is like to live with this disease. Thank you for taking the time to take a look at life through their eyes. And thank you for anyone who has donated anything(money or time)  to the MS Cause. With all of our help we can mitigate and someday hopefully cure Multiple Sclerosis.

Thanks for reading Everyone!

If you would like more information about MS, Click Here. You will find information about how this disease works and the treatments currently available. This is a never ending battle and the more we can spread the awareness of this issue, the more help we can get to find a cure!

Please make sure to share and like this post! This way even more people can see what a great cause this is and how many amazing people are involved in this fight!

Holy Crap- and Here Goes Nothing!


This is the beginning of what I hope will be a great adventure!

I recently decided to get a Bicycle! This is after almost 16 years of not even owning a bicycle. A Friend at work asked if I would be interested in doing a Triathlon with him(don’t freak out too much, its only an Olympic Distance). I agreed. Went home and got registered, then sat back and relaxed. It was about ten minutes later that I looked at my Wife after I realized “… Umm, I don’t even have a Bike to Ride in this thing!!”. Her response? “Duh, you just figure that out?”(yep always the woman to make you feel good about yourself haha).

So there I am, now researching bicycle types and brands and accessories and needs and wants. I get to talking with a local Running buddy of mine, and he goes “Well, if you are getting a Bike, why not ride in the MS150 with us?”(the “US” being a group of people in Team Red White and Blue). Since I obviously think every word through before saying anything…. I naturally said “Yes, that’s sounds awesome!”. It was about five minutes later he told me that the 150 stand for One Hundred and Fifty Miles!

Another few weeks go by, I visit multiple Bike shops. test Ride every two wheeled contraption that will fit me(or not in some cases) and end up with a Felt Z7 Road Bike. So far I have put just under 200 Miles on it, and loving it! The open space, the roads and scenery, the amazing Cycling Community. They all seem like an extension of home to me.

(spoiler alert- Trekkies Beware!) These will be the Adventures of New Guy Cycling. Our Mission: To explore new roads and ride in groups never ridden before.

We will Learn. We Will Fall. And We Will get up and Ride Again!!