Pretty neat book about Trail Running

So I’ve been doing a lot more running on areas that are not “built up”. So I’ve been reading more into Trail Running. Especially since I have the Brazo’s Bend 50 Miler coming up in April.

I’ve been looking for good books with quality information. Mostly looking for something to tell me what needs to be done, less than “do this or you will fail” kind of reading lol.


I saw this book last week, gave a it read and thought it was pretty cool. I liked it mostly because it didn’t try to sell me anything or make me do some weird stretch or maneuver that only a 35 year yoga instructor can pull off with dislocating… everything?

I thought it was good enough I even put a link to it, on my side bar, last week.

I was looking at it again today(to give a bit of a positive review) and noticed it was free lol. Darn the luck heh?

Give it a look if you guys are interested. It isn’t cycling oriented or anything, but it does have some cool information and made me look up a few things about specific distance races that I had never heard of before(and they were all in like the worst climates possible sheesh).