A Long Weekend of Fun!- warning Long Long LONG Post!

So I got a lot of good training in this weekend! It was a rough one and I’m still feeling it, but man was it worth every second of the pain and mental toughness I had to pry out of me!


I Started off with a 1 Mile Swim on Friday night. This was a 1 Lap at a time Mile(25 Meters). This is actually the first time I have made myself do an entire Mile, so it was a bit rough.

I am not an efficient swimmer. I’m not a graceful swimmer. I’m a strong swimmer, and as such, I spend most of my time defeating myself by not keeping correct form. I also have a very hard time breathing correctly(with form). Keeping my head low and in the water, under my recovering arm and against my leading arm, is very difficult for me, as I have not yet ingrained the muscle memory. I am getting better though, so one step at a time. I mostly worked on my breathing on this workout. I probably swam too fast to really make it good(around a 33 minute 1600- and the Garmin only picked up 1575 meters, because I didn’t start it on one of the lengths ūüė¶ lol ).

I took about a 30 second to one minute breather each length, to recover. I still have a hard time not kicking too much and my swim technique combined with poor form makes one length of the pool a grinder of trying to breath and keep my heart from not exploding in my chest!

All in all though, it was a great workout! You can see it here.

this workout felt great afterward and I feel it was a bit of an accomplishment. I am not where I need to be for the Swim portion of my upcoming Olympic Distance Triathlon. But I am one step closer ūüôā



Saturday Pic
At the Beginning


Saturday was next on my destination of pain weekend. I had already decided Saturday was going to be a long Ride. So I tentatively mapped out a 60 Mile course. I wanted this to be my longest ride to date- but only by a few miles.

I took Pics often
I took Pics often

So it was basically a 30 Mile out and back Course. Pretty easy. The weather was supposed to be nice so, I got up early, had some coffee and oats, rested a bit, got my gear on and got on the road!

The day was a bit chillier than I really liked. I didn’t wear my thermal leggings, although I did wear some knee warmers and Calf Compression Sleeves. I also left my full finger gloves and shoe covers at home- like an idiot. I was a bit cold, but nothing too uncomfortable and once I got warmed up, I was good to go.

The miles just kind of flew by. I set an alarm to keep me in HR Zone 3- to conserve energy for this long haul. My HR avg was 145, and it only peaked over 150 a¬†few times- usually when climbing a local¬†mountain(bridge) or if I would try to “safely”make¬†a light.

As you can see
As you can see

I say safely, because if there is traffic at an intersection I won’t even think about “making a light”, but if it is clear and I have good line of sight of all directions, I’ll push it :). I did try to maintain a nice high cadence, and came away with an 85 RPM Avg. Which I thought was pretty good, as I prioritized HR over Cadence for this ride. I found even when pushing a light gear, my HR would want to climb when I got around the 95-100 Mark. I figure this is still me getting used to moving my legs this fast on the bike.

And Usually at signs!!
And Usually at signs!!

As I continued, I felt better and better, especially with this low speed and easy to maintain cadence. I took a break at the 20 Mile Mark. I felt great!. I had filled two water bottles, one with water, the other with Heed. I also brought along a zip lock baggie with Perpetuem in it, for later in the ride.  After that break, I closed in quickly on the 30 Mile Mark of the ride. Then passed it. I decided I would do a bit more. And then a bit more. And then a bit more. Before I realized it, I was at 51 Miles!!



Now the way I mapped the course out, there were several “shortcuts” built into the ride, so if I needed to, I could be home in fewer miles if I needed to.

Whew Made it to Lunch!! I'm still alive!!
Whew Made it to Lunch!! I’m still alive!!

I decided it was about time for some lunch, so found my self a Starbucks. Had a good bite to eat and a latte, as well as finished off my water and Heed bottles. I had also been hitting my normal 10 minute rotation of some sort of nutrition every 10 minutes for this first 50 miles. I brought along enough calories to go twice as long(time wise) than I had estimated my ride would be, so I had plenty. I chilled and rested for about 30-40 minutes. Got in some good stretches, got my water bottles filled, mixed in my Perpetuem, re-organized my nutrition in my jersey pockets- for easy reach, and got back on the road!

As I headed back, I had the option to Take a few Short cuts. At first, I thought I would take one of these, as I was going into a pretty stiff headwind. Although my

This was the city I actually turned around in- at like the 40- something-eth Mile
This was the city I actually turned around in- at like the 40- something-eth Mile

speed suffered greatly, I spent most of the day comfortably in the drops. I kept my HR low and my cadence high and it went along pretty smoothly. I really wasn’t feeling exhausted at any point. I did feel the beginning’s of leg muscle fatigue at around the 70 mile mark. My Longest Ride Ever!! This was my last “big” cut off. I stopped for a few minutes for a breather and a quick Self Evaluation.

How do I feel?: Well, I’m feeling pretty good. I’m not tight and I’m not feeling a loss of energy.

How is my nutrition?: I have about 600 Calories worth of chewable nutrition left, and about half of a bottle of perpetuem(which was mixed about half a scoop too rich- just in case hehe).

Well, what do you think?: Heck, lets go for it!!.

I plotted out the course going back on the exact same route as I had began that morning, this would give me about 10 miles to my next “cut off”. I’d see how I felt then.

So I rolled on, The next 10 miles were fast, with a super low HR and a cadence I was proud of, I flew right through the 10 miles. At this point, I knew it was in reach. I hadn’t given the notion or a fully formed thought of it all day, it was just a slight tickle or whisper in the back of my mind. But now, almost at mile 80, I felt it.

I can do a Century today! I can do it. I can complete this on my own!!

Yep, gotta take a minute to honor our Veterans!
Yep, gotta take a minute to honor our Veterans!

So I continued on my path. At this point I just added one of my normal weekly rides to the course(it was the same road I was on, so it was easy). This course is usually around 25 miles, with ¬†about 1.2-2 of it being from my apartment to where I intersected it with my current course. By combining the cunning use of trig- calculus- and geometry that would make many mathematicians and physicists proud- I subtracted 2 miles from 25 miles and got 23 miles. Then added 23 miles to 79.5¬†miles- and got about 103 miles!! I know I know, you’re impressed with ma maph skeelz.

At this point it was later in the day and the road were busier. I popped an extra gel, to make sure I kept my sugar with some blood in it(yeah, at this point I was seriously not the sharpest tool in the shed). I wanted to stay alert enough of vehicles on the road, as I was also in a busier section of town. I honestly should have called it quits. But I was not sane enough to make that call lol.

This portion of the course was an out and back loop of about 7 miles total and then another 12 mile loop(6 out and back) with a return loop of around 3-4 miles.

I made this first loop and felt a lot more fatigue than I had thought I would. The last half of this little loop was deep on into the wind again and I struggled to maintain good form and breathing. I got to the 12 mile loop, and decided to take it head on!(remember where I said I wasn’t all there? Yep, here is proof lol). So I slowed down a lot, kept a high cadence, just pushing a super easy gear( I later found I was still doing around 15 MPH- which I was ecstatic about- to explain further. I didn’t want to be emotionally affected with a slow speed. So, to make sure that speed was not a factor at all in this Day’s ride, I removed it from my main screen on the 910xt- So I pretty much never knew my speed all day hehe). About 1-2 miles in, I started to feel great again. Still taking nutrition and water when my 10 minute beeper would go off, and really just enjoying the ride!

I took another break at the turn around for this loop- less than 10 Miles to go!! I hit the head, drank some extra water and partially filled it back up(I was at a gas station- I actually passed this gas station 3 times, including rest stops, for this ride haha). Took a 10 minute breather and got back to it!

Going in the opposite direction, the wind was coming at my back from an angle. I would have the wind to my advantage for all but the last 2 miles of the route. So I sat up, put my hands on the horizontal bars( I call them the tops, I don’t know if they have a “real” name lol) and used my back as a wind sail. I maintained the same rhythm and patterns as the rest of the day, and I felt like I was flying!! ¬†I was only hitting about 16-18 MPH(via later inspection of the route data)¬†but man I felt great! I felt so good, that when I turned back into the wind, I kept up the pace, and pushed that last little bit out!

I crossed the 100 Mile Mark! Threw up a fist in victory and kept chugging along! I am sure a few people saw some crazy dude on a bike, in a Marine Corps Cycling Jersey, looking like a crazed maniac rolling down the side of the street! But I didn’t care! I just completed a Century!! But now to get home!

I stayed in the drops and finished out the ride strong and feeling great!!

I got home and stretched and ate for about an hour or two haha. Took a good bath and called it a day!!

You can see the route data Here.

This was a really big confidence booster to me. As I did not think I could do my first century, and live, quite yet. I also did not think my first century would be a self supported one!

There is a Houston to Galveston Century near the end of this month, and I am thinking of doing it now. This would be my last big ride(and is scheduled to be my last big ride weekend anyway) before I do Kemah on April 12th and then the MS150 on April 18-19th. The first day of the MS150 will be a century as well.

I am feeling more and more confident of my cycling, every day.



Next up was Sunday! Now my legs didn’t feel like jello, but they didn’t feel up to much abuse either. I rolled them and stretched them and babied them most of the morning.

In the early afternoon, I decided I wanted to get a short swim in. So I decided on an 800 Meter swim. It was slow. Most of it was the same as Friday night, just breathe. Learn to breathe. Be comfortable breathing. And try to keep my heart from jumping out of my chest!!

This was a lot more rough, as my legs were sore and didn’t want to kick. Although, this ended up being a good thing! Since my legs didn’t want to kick, I wasn’t kicking!! So I wasn’t over or under balancing my body. My strokes were a lot more even. And my breathing almost even felt semi-comfortable…. Almost.

In the future I am going to continue minimizing my kick. This seems to save a lot of energy and allow for a more extended period of swimming! This is just what I need to make sure I can really perform well at Kemah next month!

This swim was a big eye opener and I am really going to keep up using that same technique. It was a bit slower- like 2 minutes for a combined¬†1600 meters slower, but the amount of energy used felt like a lot less. I don’t know if it was just me not trying to overcome bad technique as much or what, but I seemed to glide a lot more through the water. Making is so much easier to feel more “fluid” in the water as well.

You can see that swim’s data Here.

I got some more stretching and rolling in later that night to really help me relax.

Had some good food to keep things clean and wrapped up the weekend. We will see how things go! I am supposed to do a 10 Mile run tonight- Monday night, and if the weather doesn’t hold out, that may have to be on a treadmill. Which will not be fun.

All in all, this was a great weekend. Lots of activity. Lots of physical and mental testing. I came through it all. And was insane enough to enjoy it!

My over all confidence for April has skyrocketed!

I have a big Trail Run coming up on this next Sunday. It is a supported “free” run put on by Trail Running Over Texas(TROT). It is going to be a blast and can’t wait!¬†The course is to be a loop of about 4-5 miles. You just do as many loops as you can between 6 AM and 1 PM(last loop cut-off is at noon).¬†I am really hoping I can complete this at around a 50K(my first at this distance). Since I won’t really have a lot of training time the rest of the month- as I need to taper everything for next month’s madness. This weekend and next weekend, are to be my big tests and self evaluations!

After this, I’ll mostly just be doing maintenance miles, and easy workouts. I’ll do one “moderate to heavy” workout per week, but that would be like a 6-7 opposed to my current 8-9 lol. With lots of rest before and after it.

This next little bit(including this past weekend) is Testing my over all conditioning, gear, nutrition, freak of nature will power, and trying to stay somewhat sane throughout the whole thing!! April is to be my “Devil’s Three-way” and I plan on making it a memorable one!!

Thanks for reading everyone! Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions- and sorry for the book of a post!!





Paying for Weight- “Weighing in on the Discussion”

So I have now been part of, privy to, or read about the famous “buy the lightest gear in existence” conversations.

Now to explain this I’ll tell you what I have heard from both sides. Then I’ll give you my “very well informed” 3 months of cycling experience and the “deep understanding” of the way the Universe works :).

I have read, almost everywhere, that there are many different factors that go into the “increased efficiency” category for riding. The largest or most popular method, that I have read about, to this is to buy lighter gear.

Now, I am a beginning cyclist and won’t even attempt to really “make claims”, but I am a very active person and have been very active for a majority of my life. Completing hikes of over 100 miles, running as a passion, kayaking, and many other hobbies. So with this experience, I would say Yes to “part” of that “Buy Lighter Gear to be a more efficient and faster Cyclist”. The “Lighter” Part, to be specific.

In each of the disciplines above, the ones I have more experience in of course hehe, the lighter the better. The less you have to trudge along with, the easier it is to trudge along.

Now I think a great many people truly and deeply understand this fact- the lighter something is, the easier it is to move- or to make move. What I think(my opinion here) is that people, as usual like to take the shortest route to a goal. With this “easy route” mode stuck in their minds, they lose all control or understanding of anything except the words “Weight” and “Lighter” when thinking of cycling and immediately look at a store shelf, instead of a mirror. ¬†This pursuit of “lighter” isn’t a bad thing, in fact in many cases it can be the best solution. However, I do think that there is more than one way to skin a cat.

With this said, it’s time for the big statement that, I am sure, will make many people downright pissed off.

You need to shave weight off of your big ass before you need to worry about the weight on the bike :).

People will spend 1000$ to save 1 pound of weight for a bicycle component, but they have a Double Bacon Wrapped Deep Fried Three Patty Deep Burger for dinner(on a regular basis).

I don’t even understand how that makes sense inside someone’s head- excepting the above “take the easiest route possible” mentality.

Now I get wanting to have high speed low drag gear, who doesn’t. But if you are reducing the weight of your bike, thinking it will get you “real” gains in your cycling efficiency, I truly think you are going to be a bit disappointed,¬†although you will see a small improvement.

I will continue¬†this from my POV- so I don’t anger anyone lol.

I want to look at the whole picture. From this I mean that (from a weight) point of view, the Bike is not the only thing that has weight! My big Ass just so happens to be on top of this 20 lb steed(least that is what the Felt Website says it weighs lol).

So after about 2-300 miles I began to wonder what would make me a more efficient Cyclist(and that is how this post was conceived lol).

So I sat down and wondered- Being Lighter(that “whole picture” thing above again) would make it easier to move. Being lighter would mean that there is less mass to move, less drag from wind, less downward force to overcome the friction of sitting on it. So if I make the bike lighter that would make it go easier- But how much weight can I really shave off of a 20 lb bike? A few of you may be thinking “A Lot!”. So what is “A Lot” of 20 lbs? 5lbs= 25% decrease! Percentage wise that is huge! I would soar like and eagle and strike like lightening, I’d be so fast!! Umm, I’m not seeing that happen in the real world.

But what if I lost that same 5 lbs? I mean, what if I made ME 5 lbs lighter? Wouldn’t that be just as good? And no lying to yourselves here, who among us couldn’t lose a few extra pounds here and there? What if I decided to lose 20 Lbs? Now, I can currently lose about 25-30 Lbs without going below 12% body(yeah I’m a fatty at the moment and this is one of my goals hehe). And that is just me and everyone is different, but most people could lose a few and not miss them too much.

I’m not going to go into nutrition, or eating habits, or any of that crap right now. But I will say, those who want to lose weight do. Those who don’t, don’t. There is no secret to losing weight. There is hidden myth behind weight loss. If you expend energy and eat in a healthy and balanced style, you will lose weight. If you are never active, eat anything at all at anytime, and never make an attempt to change that- Do you really think you’ll lose weight? Ok, that is all on that- I’m not gonna try and tell you “how” to lose weight. But I am trying to “shed” light (see what I did there?)on the fact that, to weigh less, you actually have to decide you want to change and then figure out how that change works or will work for you. (insert promotional “I’m an Awesome Inspirational Speaker” plug here)

With this in mind- although I can’t lose 20% of my weight nearly as quickly as I can go to my LBS and get some high speed low drag gear that weighs almost nothing, if I did lose that weight, wouldn’t I be stronger for ME instead of doing it “only” to the bike and not worrying about my own weight on top of it? Wouldn’t I be able to cycle even more efficiently if I didn’t have the extra weight dragging not just the bike, but my body down? So instead of worrying about the bike’s efficiency, I just increased mine! Not to mention the increase in my own bodies efficiency for all of the other activities I like and a decrease in the physical stress associated with those activities.

Before you hate,¬†I am not proposing that getting components that are “higher” end is not a good idea. I’m just saying that I think it is purposeless to have the most expensive gear you can mortgage your home for, and still have an extra stone on your gut! I think I should explain. By “higher end” I mean not only lighter gear, but gear that is designed to do it’s function more efficiently. This is sometimes forgotten, because at the same time the manufacturer makes it a better mechanical component, they also make it a “lighter” component. So people see this gear and think only one thing- lighter is the only thing that equals better.¬†

On this line of thought- I also believe that there are diminishing returns. Both in the weight of the bike and person. A slightly heavier person, with a bit more leg strength(dense leg muscles) may be able to outperform a person that does not have that extra muscle in their legs. But, get too much muscle and you’ve now made your “too much heavier” for that muscle to really give you an upper hand.

So I am saying that there is a point where a specific person’s weight should stabilize for their personal optimum performance. At this point, they could race themselves with two different bikes, set up with entirely opposite end of the spectrum components, and that would be a real test!

I, myself, plan on eventually upgrading things on my bike- drive train and wheels are on that list. And who knows where I will want to try and take myself in the future with cycling. But I will do my best to never attempt to “upgrade” something on the bike without making sure I can use the bike to it’s fullest as it sits(and I have a long way to to with my stock Z7 lol).

I know this is tired subject and there are many schools of thought on it. This is just my take, opinion, 1.4 cents worth, whatever lol.

I hope we all reach our goals and make new ones that are even harder ūüôā

Thanks for stopping by!




Wahoo APP and RFLKT Bicycle PC- Update

Hey again everyone. Back to give an update about this nifty little APP and Bicycle PC combo.

After using it for about 2 months now I can really say that this is a nice little PC. I have had zero issues with data recording or anything. I’ve taken it on 3+ hour rides and my Phone still had juice left. Although I can see that there would a battery issue if you are taking a longer ride(like longer than 5-6 hours) this little PC does a great job at showing your data and being capable of uploading it almost anywhere.

The ability for customization of¬†the different screens, with the added bonus of being able to have a readout for anything else connected to your phone is very nice. I have yet to have any data drop outs or other “technical” issues. Any time I have had questions about the unit, Wahoo has responded within 1-2 days and any further responses are usually same day.

The Unit has worked in the rain with no issues for the RFLKT or the Cadence Sensor. Now it was not a downpour. But I kind of see rain as rain, especially when traveling at 15-20 mph.

I have really enjoyed the ability for the data to interface from the Wahoo App to other services. So that I can keep everything connected with accurate data, without needing to fate finger all the metrics in an “add workout” function.

Tempocyclist(I don’t know how to link your comment here… need to figure that one out haha- sorry TC) asked a couple of great questions that made me do some more research and spend a bit of extra time testing some features out.

His question was as follows:

Seems like a viable and cheaper alternative to the Garmin Edge series, but I take it you need an iPhone for this? Also can you load routes onto it (or the phone app) to follow on screen?

I’ve looked into this a bit more and have come up with the following:

  1. They also have this Wahoo App available for Android users. Although this compatibility is still fairly young. Wahoo is actively working on making the Android interface a bit more user friendly as well as adding the same features already present in the IOS version. As of right now(2-15) the Android version is not as good, yet. With as large a market as Android is, I would believe they would tap into it.

  2. Unfortunately, we cannot “add” a route and watch it on the RFLKT Unit . However, the Wahoo App will “allow” the use of the Map while looking at your phone(as long as you allow the app access to “Maps”). So if you know where you are going or are carrying a cue card, then you can make your route just fine. If, however, you want a turn by turn GPS Solution for this, then the use of another App like MapMyFitness or others(I think Strava does this too, but have not played with it much) will be required. This does mean that at least two apps will be active on your phone(three or more if you use any other apps as well).

A clever way around the battery issue is to bring along a small “external charger” for your phone that you can plug in at a stop or in your jersey pocket. This is the kind that acts as a re-charger while not able to sit next to a wall. Also, if you plan on using your phone as a map system, you will need to have a mount of some sort for it to rest in. Also, the battery will be draining faster with an active screen. Shorter rides shouldn’t be an issue.

Well, that is all I have for now. This Unit is a great lower price solution to getting cycling data without breaking the bank. The ability to customize the data screens and connect anything that will connect with your phone is a very nice touch.

This is something that is highly recommended and will allow you to take any training to the next level. Or just have a nice way to show that peaceful Sunday morning ride through the park.

Thanks for reading everyone! As always, let me know what you think or if you have any questions down below!

Saddle Adjustments and Comfortable Riding


After getting some great information from fellow Bloggers!!(keyword: FitRecovery), I took that advice and used it. Man, what a difference.

It took ¬†me a few tries, as I ran into issues I have heard of others having, where the Saddle has “detents” for the angle/pitch adjustment.

This took some time, as I had to remove the Saddle Bag. the adjustment bolt was TQ’d to 22KN(kilo-newtons). After getting off and on the bike what seemed like one thousand times, I finally got my sit bones to where they felt solid on the seat- without feeling like I was going to slide forward or was putting pressure “elsewhere”. Using a 3 foot level I have, I was able to verify the the Seat(and the floor haha) was Level. I had marked where the forward and rear portions of the seat clamp rested- so I was able to get that set back the way it was.

I snugged the Seat Bolt back up using the German Torque- “GhuudunTiiit”. Even got a nice positive click out of my elbow. I’ll get it Torqued to the recommended specs the next time I hit up the Cycling Shop. For now, I feel it is snug and not going anywhere, and I don’t think I tightened it too much.

After I was able to get it straight and level I then got in a 2 hour Training Ride on the Trainer.

This was an enjoyable ride, right up until Pete called for some play action(grr).

I was able to maintain a very steady average HR of 151 for the duration of the ride, but my cadence was a bit slower than I wanted- as it averaged 84 RPM.

The first 15 minutes were just a warm-up and I kept my HR relatively low at 140. With a very easy Gear and higher Cadence. After this I picked up the Gear and kept the Cadence fairly high(86 ish) with good breathing control. I kept this up for about another 40 minutes.

I seemed to hit a “sweet-spot” at around the 1 hour mark and picked up the Cadence with no real change in HR and continued to breath smoothly. At this point my cadence peaked at around 95 for a good 10-15 minutes. HR was strong and steady in the 148-152 range, and my breathing, while labored, was not an¬†obstacle.

After this, I seemed to die down and bit. I let the Cadence drop as the HR tried to climb, until I eventually had to gear down to keep a higher than 80 Cadence.

Another 30 minutes or so saw almost no change in exertion(perceived) and HR and Cadence were both very solid.

The last 10 minutes I was able to pick the higher gear back up and still maintain a goal setting 95 Cadence, with HR never getting above 154.

All in all, I felt this was a very good Training Ride. ¬†I can feel that as I continue to put on the miles, I can stay “stronger longer”(giggle worthy), keep my breathing a bit more steady, and keep my HR very close to exactly where I want it.

I am looking forward to the next Training Ride, but my next physical activity will be a 5-6 mile Run tomorrow evening. I’ll post on that later.

For now, thanks for reading and leave an comments or questions!!

Wahoo RFLKT Bluetooth Bike Computer

So I recently got a Wahoo RFLKT Bike Computer. This package came with a Cadence Sensor as well.(Which was a cool deal- although it seems to be a standard selling package across brands).

First up: The PC.


Well the PC itself is nice and small- so for the peeps looking for something with a small foot print- it is nice and small lol.

The PC itself connects to your phone, via Bluetooth. Energy Drain really doesn’t seem to be much of an issue- compared to using the phone like crazy(like playing games and watching videos on it). I have gone on two hour plus rides and only used about 13%-20% battery. But everything was turned off except the Wahoo App(we will talk about that in a minute) and a Charity Miles App(look it up, it’s pretty neat and free too haha). This could be an issue for longer rides or in warmer weather. I will give more information later in the season, during longer rides and higher temps.

he Unit uses a regular old CR2450 Battery. Web Site lists battery life of about 12 months- I can’t find reason to complain about that. We will see how long term usage and real world conditions apply.

The unit¬†has four buttons on the body and three different mounting options. You can¬†do a bar mount, a stem mount, or a quarter turn mount. I played with both the bar mount and the stem mounts. The bar mount is plastic, but seems very sturdy. I moved to the stem mount, due to what all I currently have on my bars(I will probably clean them up later on as I am cluttering them up). I did not play with the quarter turn mount at all, so I can’t speak to it directly. However, both of the other mounts are more than effective, I am sure the quarter turn would be as well.

There is also a back light on the unit. But I¬†haven’t really used it all. I can see that it would be useful in low and no light situations, to see your data metrics.

The stem mount is held on via a rubber band(supplied in the box) or zip ties(which are also supplied). I have been using the band and it has not budged at all- unless I really push it from one side(like when you hit a button). I usually hit a button and stabilize the opposite side with my other fingers, doing this results in no movement of the unit and is no inconvenience.

The only “rub” I had with the unit were moving it from mounting option to mounting option. It comes with a tool to remove the unit from the different mounts and I can really only say it takes finesse to get it to release from them. I brought this up to Wahoo support, and apparently the unit I got had the “old style” mounts. They promptly sent me the “new” ones, which are about 100 times easier to move the unit from mount to mount, should that ever be a concern. With a little luck yours will have the new mounts haha.

Wahoo RFLKT Bike PC- Mounted

Next is the Cadence Sensor.

Cadence Sensor1

The Cadence Sensor is pretty simple. It is also Bluetooth and it uses a CR 2032 Battery. Although I kind of “wish” they both used the same battery, it really isn’t that big of a deal. They are cheap enough and easy to change out.

It comes with a few mounting options as well. You can Mount it to your bike using a supplied Silicon Cover to put the Sensor in and then Zip Tie(supplied) to your off-side crank. It can also¬†be mounted using Double sided 3M Tape(that also comes with it). There is even the option to mount it to a “shoe pod” and strap it to your shoe for use in riding multiple bikes(although not at the same time hehe) as well as measuring cadence for running- which is a cool aside. I used the silicone jacket and zip tie method. It hasn’t moved at all and is very solidly in place.

Cadence Sensor

Forgive the dust please.

Now, the Wahoo App:

The App(free download) gives you total customization over what the RFLKT Unit shows. You can basically build it anyway you want it, with any data at all showing. You can also make multiple screens(I have only configured a few, but I think you can make up to twelve or more). You can customize the Button Functions as well. So you can control things like start/stop, play music, lap, or next page.

The app also lets you do the normal things, such as set alarms/notifications for HR Zones(using a HR Monitor of course) or giving verbal queues based on whatever data you want- time, distance, speed, pace, etc.

To connect everything up, you just open the Wahoo App on your phone, then hit any button on the RFLKT and it will show up for connection so you can pair them up.

With the Cadence Sensor, you just need to spin the cranks, a blue light with flash every few seconds(shown in the pic above- yeah that took awhile to get a pic of the light on… You’re welcome) at this point the Cadence Sensor is on. It will also show up for connection to your phone.

After initial pairing- both devices connect as soon as you “start” them up, with the App open. No further “manual” connection will be needed.

So far I have had zero disconnection or data drop out issues using the Bluetooth connections. I have also paired a very cheap Heart Rate Monitor (Big Box Store clearance sales rack kind) and have had no issues with connection or data accuracy(although I really don’t try to count my pulse when it is up in the 170’s+).

The App uses your Phone’s GPS to track your route. It has been very accurate so far and matches Google Maps for distances. However, I would think that if I am in an area with poor signal that accuracy would diminish.

The App also lets you send the data to almost any data resource you want- Strava, Garmin Connect, MapMyWhichEverOneYouUse, and more.

I really have to say I am pleased with the little PC, especially for being cheaper than many other Bike PC’s. That is in part, since it uses your phone for recording and such, but the components are quality and seem like they will last a good long time- or until I can get the wife to cave on a shiny 920XT.

I do look forward to putting more miles on my bike, knowing that I have the data I want ready and visible when I want it. I would totally recommend one of these for anyone looking for an inexpensive Bike PC.

Thanks for reading and leave any comments or questions below!

My Bike- Name: The Bike

My First Bike
My First Bike

Side View

Well, I have one Bike…. For now. It is a 54 CM Felt Z7. So far I have logged 206 Miles on it. These have been very enjoyable- comfort wise.

It is entirely stock. The bike shop that I purchased it from did a basic Fit for me and that has seemed more than adequate so far. I plan on hitting about 500+ miles then getting a professional fit. As it is, i have no joint or tendon soreness after rides- although my longest ride has been 29 miles so far.

The Frame is from the “Endurance” class Road Bikes from Felt.

It has a very comfortable saddle to bar drop that I have found is comfortable for at least 2 1/2 hours(my longest ride haha).

It features Felt’s Performance CF Frame with mostly internal routing(both top and bottom tubes). The Frame really makes a comfortable ride for me. I can feel it flex going over bumps and rough roads, which reduces the strain on me while riding. Which is always a good thing.

It has Tubeless ready wheels¬†out of the box, however I do not plan on going tubeless anytime soon. It also has “All Weather” tires from felt- which have held good traction over the few rides I have had on damp or wet roads.

The Stock saddle seems to fit me well. However, I do notice a tendency to slide forward a bit and need to readjust myself to get my sit bones back on the saddle properly. I do not yet know if this is a sizing issue, or maybe an angle or something else that may need to be adjusted. That being said, I don’t/haven’t noticed any major soreness or other issues I have read that people have had with saddles.

It comes with a pretty complete Sora Drive Train. These are the “newer” version of Sora, so the Shifters are STI(which I like, so I will be “ready” for upgrades without relearning my shifting positions and patterns later on). It has a 9 Gear cassette on the wheel, and a compact crank set. So far this has served me well. I feel that this set is¬†smooth and responsive. I know others may disagree, based on performance specs or past experience with the same series of components, but they just feel good to me.

Past this, the Bike is light. feels very agile and able to do anything I will want it to do, at least for now. I am truly enjoying this bike, and I would definitely recommend it for anyone who fits the geometry.

I’ll post more about the bike as I put on the miles, as well as updates on any modifications or upgrades as they come.