Well. I just started riding a bicycle again, after almost 16 years. I want to learn to cycle. Build myself physically to be able to do anything I want to do. I have already registered for a 150 mile charity ride and 110 mile local Club ride(Houston to Galveston and back).

I also run, alot. I’ll be doing the Brazo’s Bend 50 Miler in April. Which just so happens to be the weekend after the MS150(Multiple Sclerosis 150 Mile Charity Ride). Which (and yep laugh it up) is the weekend after my first Triathlon- Olympic Distance at the Kemah Triathlon.

I’ve always been active, until a career change- at which time I basically stopped doing any sort of exercise.  Three years go by and I wake up and realize I need to change something. For me and my Family.

That was about a year and half ago. So far my wife and I have completed Warrior Dashes, tough Mudders, and Half Marathons. I am getting better and better everyday and plan on continuing this process.

I’ll put up more as I go along. 🙂


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