Whew! Two More Runs in!!

Well after Saturday’s debacle of a Ride(it was actually pretty good, but I wanted more from it) we had a nice run on Sunday. It was a Short Run. But a Good pace and practice for a Run/Walk method.

This is where you Run for a certain period of time or distance and then walk for the period of time or distance. We(the wife and I) have chosen to work on a 7-1 ratio. So run for 7 minutes and walk for 1 minute. I got this from a good buddy that has a lot of “experience”(this means he has hurt himself enough to know how not to hurt himself anymore- so why should I recreate the wheel huh?)

This was also the first shake down run for our hydration belts. We are going to be using these to carry water, hydro-nutrition(heed and perpetuem) and gel’s, gu’s, whatever else we can fit in them, for our 50 Miler at the end of April. Everything worked fine, seemed to ride well, and nothing fell apart…. yet haha.

The Wife and I took another run tonight, another short one, to practice this run/walk style, test some nutrition(same stuff different order) and start breaking in some Trail Shoes. We were also trying out some lighting systems for early and late times, during the race. These worked out pretty good. We aren’t worried too much about “using up batteries” as we use rechargeable ones :). Makes it a bit cheaper hehe. Everything went pretty good, no hot spots on the feet(we have actually been wearing the “new” shoes for about a week as our daily wear) and no other issues came up with our hydration belts. Except one thing- one of my bottles likes to leak yippee! So I am going to play with it and see if it is some mis-formed plastic or something that is making it leak.

We both have had one pair of trail shoes for a bit- but have gotten another pair(same ones we already had, for each of us respectively). This way we can “change out” our shoes during the Ultra. This will be a three lap Ultra, so I figure we can swap them out each lap. We are going to stage gear at the aide stations with extra nutrition(that we have been using) and other gear like socks, batteries, etc.

One thing we are being anal about, is making sure we think of everything we might need to use on the run. Getting it now, and using it now. So if we need something different(like a bottle that does not leak lol) then we can look into it and get it.

I may end up adding another pouch to my belt. I got a “Fuel Belt”, with three(3) bottles and one pouch(I think it is a “medium”). I can fit about 400 calories worth of blocks, and gu’s in it, without really jamming them in that hard. I may get another pouch and put on to carry more and train with it on and off. This would be to prepare for a “long journey” between aide stations, just in case. I doubt I would need it, but better safe than sorry.

The Wife’s Belt has built in lights and carries two(2) bottles on added bottle pouches. It also has two good sized pouches to put nutrition and whatever else in. The Lighting system runs off of a battery pack. The down side is that this is a bit heavier- 3 AA’s. There a couple of up sides:

  1. There is a “headlamp” style light on the front and blinking red lights on the back- so good lighting from both directions.

  2. the lighting system is easily removed and now there is an extra pocket- so extra stuff can be put in here.

All in all that is pretty cool, I thought haha. It also has a wide “belt” section to it- so it rides comfortably on her hips without much movement.

I was using a a Headlamp. My headlamp system is from FitLetic and her Belt Lamp system is from Go-Motion.

Both were nice and bright and had multiple brightness settings.

We will be doing more and more night time runs to prep ourselves and our gear for the worst to come.  So far though, everything is holding up just fine. A tweak here and there and we will be golden!


Thanks for joining! Tune in next time for more!!


Garmin Connect.

Garmin Connect.


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