Multiple Sclerosis Quiz

As mentioned before, I am participating in this years Houston to Austin BP MS150.

As being a part of this amazing event was not enough, I have also been privy to multiple emails with intriguing information about MS.

I recently received an email with a simple quiz about MS. This was a huge learning experience for me. This was only 7 questions, but they all havea  huge impact on a person’s life.


I found this both amazingly eye opening and, at the same time, it created a more sensitive awareness of just what this terrible disease does to people’s lives every day.

Take a moment and look at this today. It is mobile friendly(that’s where I opened it).

This is just a glimpse of what it is like to live with this disease. Thank you for taking the time to take a look at life through their eyes. And thank you for anyone who has donated anything(money or time)  to the MS Cause. With all of our help we can mitigate and someday hopefully cure Multiple Sclerosis.

Thanks for reading Everyone!

If you would like more information about MS, Click Here. You will find information about how this disease works and the treatments currently available. This is a never ending battle and the more we can spread the awareness of this issue, the more help we can get to find a cure!

Please make sure to share and like this post! This way even more people can see what a great cause this is and how many amazing people are involved in this fight!


4 thoughts on “Multiple Sclerosis Quiz

    • Wow, I had heard that there were other rides in other areas, but had never thought that there would be a huge difference in how they are held.

      I’ve heard and read that this one(down here in South-East Texas) was pretty good. With lots of support and aide stations.

      Were the you attended “bad ones” for any particular reason? Like bad weather, course, support, aide stations, maybe even the sag support for it?

      This sounds like an interesting research topic for lunch hours haha.


  1. The Iowa group just does a terrible job of communication and on the overnight stop. The rest stops were good, but those were handled by private groups. There was no communication on where we stayed, there was supposed to be group meetings after the first day and some kind of talk and entertainment. Nope, none of it happened. Then Iowa did an awful job of fund raising and couldn’t hold rides for a few years. I raised $1700 one year and was one of the top 5 fund raisers. In Nebraska, I wouldn’t have made the top 20 with that. I rode with a 16 year old kid there that had personally raised $10,000 and he wasn’t the top one!! His dad has (had?) MS so he was motivated. The SD ride was the first I’d ever done and the rest stops were all manned by people WITH MS. It was humbling and encouraging to be ready to quit and someone using walking canes to brings me a drink!! Yeah, I can keep going!!! It was cool.

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    • Wow, That sounds like you have seen the full spectrum of the good and bad haha.

      It is amazing to see someone push through anything no matter their circumstances.

      Those kind of people show real strength and resolve to have and enjoy life. I can agree that I think that would be humbling!

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