Wahoo APP and RFLKT Bicycle PC- Update

Hey again everyone. Back to give an update about this nifty little APP and Bicycle PC combo.

After using it for about 2 months now I can really say that this is a nice little PC. I have had zero issues with data recording or anything. I’ve taken it on 3+ hour rides and my Phone still had juice left. Although I can see that there would a battery issue if you are taking a longer ride(like longer than 5-6 hours) this little PC does a great job at showing your data and being capable of uploading it almost anywhere.

The ability for customization of the different screens, with the added bonus of being able to have a readout for anything else connected to your phone is very nice. I have yet to have any data drop outs or other “technical” issues. Any time I have had questions about the unit, Wahoo has responded within 1-2 days and any further responses are usually same day.

The Unit has worked in the rain with no issues for the RFLKT or the Cadence Sensor. Now it was not a downpour. But I kind of see rain as rain, especially when traveling at 15-20 mph.

I have really enjoyed the ability for the data to interface from the Wahoo App to other services. So that I can keep everything connected with accurate data, without needing to fate finger all the metrics in an “add workout” function.

Tempocyclist(I don’t know how to link your comment here… need to figure that one out haha- sorry TC) asked a couple of great questions that made me do some more research and spend a bit of extra time testing some features out.

His question was as follows:

Seems like a viable and cheaper alternative to the Garmin Edge series, but I take it you need an iPhone for this? Also can you load routes onto it (or the phone app) to follow on screen?

I’ve looked into this a bit more and have come up with the following:

  1. They also have this Wahoo App available for Android users. Although this compatibility is still fairly young. Wahoo is actively working on making the Android interface a bit more user friendly as well as adding the same features already present in the IOS version. As of right now(2-15) the Android version is not as good, yet. With as large a market as Android is, I would believe they would tap into it.

  2. Unfortunately, we cannot “add” a route and watch it on the RFLKT Unit . However, the Wahoo App will “allow” the use of the Map while looking at your phone(as long as you allow the app access to “Maps”). So if you know where you are going or are carrying a cue card, then you can make your route just fine. If, however, you want a turn by turn GPS Solution for this, then the use of another App like MapMyFitness or others(I think Strava does this too, but have not played with it much) will be required. This does mean that at least two apps will be active on your phone(three or more if you use any other apps as well).

A clever way around the battery issue is to bring along a small “external charger” for your phone that you can plug in at a stop or in your jersey pocket. This is the kind that acts as a re-charger while not able to sit next to a wall. Also, if you plan on using your phone as a map system, you will need to have a mount of some sort for it to rest in. Also, the battery will be draining faster with an active screen. Shorter rides shouldn’t be an issue.

Well, that is all I have for now. This Unit is a great lower price solution to getting cycling data without breaking the bank. The ability to customize the data screens and connect anything that will connect with your phone is a very nice touch.

This is something that is highly recommended and will allow you to take any training to the next level. Or just have a nice way to show that peaceful Sunday morning ride through the park.

Thanks for reading everyone! As always, let me know what you think or if you have any questions down below!


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