Recovery Ride with the Wife- Woot Woot

Wife and I

After the long ride on Saturday(my longest to date), I wanted to get out and put on a few miles at an easy spin! I was able to talk the wife into riding with me as well, using the excuse I didn’t want to “go it alone” in case I was in worse shape than I felt like(which wasn’t to far from the truth).

This was also her first time using the Wahoo RFLKT Cycling PC and Cadence Sensor that I recently installed on her bike(as I have acquired a Garmin 910XT Triathlon Kit).

The day was a bit gloomy, but the temperature was nice and enjoyable.

Cycling looks so cool

She did great for her first time using a Cadence sensor. She also noticed how much easier it was to keep a steady pace when keeping her cadence higher.

We completed a bit under 17 Miles. It sprinkled on us just a bit, but it was nothing to be bothered or worried about.

This was a great ride for recovery for me. With a lower Heart Rate and Easy Spin for my tired Legs. This was a very nice experience.

We did have a bit of a snag when we got home. The Wife forgot to unclip before she stopped, and earned herself a nice cut above her ankle. But all is well. It was just soft tissue damage and we were able to get her upstairs and bandaged with nothing more than a few hops and multiple curse words.

Never fear though! Her bike came through just fine. A rub here and scratch there just adds character right?

Well, that is all for this ride everybody! I plan on getting in a short run tonight, at an easy pace. I will also be dropping my Bike off at the LBS to get it serviced(ooh my first service). So I’ll be on my feet or in the pool for the next couple of days, until I can break the bike out of the LBS haha.

I will also put up a preliminary review on my Garmin 910XT in the next day or so. I really like it and want to share my thoughts 🙂

Good day everyone and thanks for stopping in!


5 thoughts on “Recovery Ride with the Wife- Woot Woot

  1. You obviously live in a much warmer clime than I! It’s not been above freezing here for a long time. Well, it sort of made it above that during the day Friday. I’ve been cold for 5 months!! I’m trying to remember what it’s like to ride with shorts and short sleeve jerseys.

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