Blogging Milestone and What it Means to Me

My first "real" award!
My first “real” award!

I am a brand new Blogger. As you can see, I have barely over a handful of posts “in toto”.

This has been a bit of a different journey for me, as I have never really shared my life like this before- or anything that I am doing. We mostly all have Facebook, however, most of my posts on there are from being prompted to, or a special event.

To be able to get on here and drop some information about anything(although most of mine has been about cycling lol) is something new and unfamiliar to me. However, I am feeling more and more comfortable giving good information and my personal opinion about things.

Earlier today I received the “50 Likes” Award(I took a snaggit of it and you’ve already seen it up top hehe). I am extremely proud that so many people have already shown their support in another “new guy” trying to get out here and share what we experience everyday.

I received so much encouragement from you guys, I just can’t believe it.

Thanks again everyone. And yes, there will probably be another one of these at the 100 and more marks. 🙂

Happy Times Everyone and have a Great Day!


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