Thursday Afternoon Ride

After a pretty hectic day, I was able to get out yesterday afternoon for a nice ride with a training Buddy. The weather was nice and clear with the temperature around 64 degrees.

As I was still feeling Sunday’s Ride and Tuesday’s Run in my legs, we agreed to go slow… Yeah it didn’t feel that way lol.

It was a 23 mile and some change route. I was able to keep a very good rhythm with high cadence. I kept up with my buddy(he is a lot more experienced than I not to mention a stronger cyclist lol) and felt pretty good the entire time.

Afterwards, my legs still felt good. In fact, I would go so far as to say that they felt better after the ride.

I had some gels with me and Heed. I used the same combo of alternating gel/water and Heed every 10 minutes and still felt comfortable. No stress or anything uncomfortable.

Most of the route was on feeder roads for residential areas. Traffic was lighter than I had expected(although this was my first time on this route during this time of day). All of the drivers were also very considerate- mostly meaning it didn’t seem like they were aiming for us.

At the halfway point, we took a minute to rest at a YMCA on a bench at the front of the building. Pulling into the parking lot, I went the wrong way and I was basically stuck across a raised sidewalk. So I slowed down a bit, got into a light gear that was very easy to push, turned perpendicular to the curb, and bunny hopped it. I landed both wheels on grass and was able to stay upright and move onto the sidewalk to get to the other side of the parking lot. All in all, I felt that worked out pretty good.

With the nice weather, clear streets, and good company the ride seemed to almost go to fast! When we were done, there was still enough light left to chill outside and cool down for a bit with some light conversation.

I called it another successful ride. Wheels on the road!

Thanks for reading guys! Let me know what you think!


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