Nice Run with Garmin Connect

I got out and put in a Six Mile Run yesterday evening. Garmin Connect. The weather was great for some outside activity. After my back to back rides Saturday and Sunday, I decided to put some miles on my feet! There is a nice little lake just behind the Apartment Complex that Mrs. NGC and I live. The edges of the lake are mostly flat and it provides and very good place to put in a great Run! It is just over one mile around the lake. So it is plenty of distance to not get too boring- although it can get old after a few laps, so I usually alternate directions every third lap or so. This also gives a bit of an experience running on an uneven “non-path” surface. Since I will be running the Brazos Bend 50 Miler in April, I want to put in some quality miles when I can, and the more rough the surface the better! The splits are a bit positive, although I settled into a 10:05 Average Mile Pace, my total average was 9:58, because I cooked the first mile in 9:05. This turned out to be way too fast for me, as my legs were still feeling the weekend and were pretty sore. After that, I decided I needed to slow it down a bit. I tried to keep a high cadence and short strides, hopefully mimicking my future “all the time” trail running stride. The last 2 miles were dead on at 10:15 and I was still feeling good. I did feel tired of course, but I also felt that I could put in another few miles if I really wanted to. I ran this in my Adidas Energy Boost 2’s. It was a comfortable run, but I can tell I need to invest in some stiffer soled trail shoes. Something made to handle the roughest of terrain with ease. This will be a nice little journey in itself. In the end, I called it quits after six miles. By this point it was getting dark, I was without a headlamp or other light- except my phone, and the Mrs. had just gotten home. So this was a very convenient cut off. All in all. It was a great run. Beautiful day. Great temperatures. And positive mileage! Can’t go wrong with a combo like that!


4 thoughts on “Nice Run with Garmin Connect

  1. Sounds like a good run. I have a pair of Inov-8 Roclites for trail running. Bought them after taking a nasty fall running cross-country in running shoes. I’d recommend them, but they are definitely too stiff for road running

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