How Time Flies!

Wow, it’s been a few days since my last post, sorry guys and gals. Things have been a whirlwind around here.

I’ll be making some individual posts about activities and such, of the last few days, but I wanted to drop a line about how we perceive our “time” first.

We all have days that drag and drag and seem like they will never be over. These days can make even the five minute wait for a java at our favorite local joint a pain in the you know where!

Then we have days that go so fast, we can’t remember half of what happened in them! We go from being freshly showered in the morning to turning the corner and it being dark outside, and we are so exhausted from “who knows what!” that we barely have the strength to make a  proper meal.

I wonder sometimes what creates this ebb and flow of time?? Is it a personal thing, like mood, or events, or maybe expectations? Or it is something outside of that? Something that clicks at some point during the night or day that makes everything after it seem to go slowly or too fast paced?

I find that my “fast” days usually start a bit more slowly. I wake up, almost early, get my morning coffee going. Get the dogs taken out(third floor apartments should be illegal for this very reason hehe). Then get a nice shower. Maybe even start to check some emails, news, or social media before heading out the door for the daily commute.

For some reason, I feel like this slow start is somewhat like the gathering of snow at the top of a drift. It slowly adds up and multiplies and gathers until, under its own weight, it is released and it plummets down the slope and becomes this monstrously fast… Thing!  With a mind of its own. It follows whatever path it needs to, to release all of that pent up momentum!!

On the other hand, I have felt my slow days start like this too! But I have also felt them start very quickly, usually with me realizing I slept through the alarm. So I’ve got to get up and out as fast as I can! Then, suddenly I am in traffic. So slow that I sometimes even just put my vehicle in park. I can almost hear my body getting older, just sitting there and waiting for the person in front of me to move forward… Just inches! The rest of the day seems to be played out on an old record player with the wrong voltage being sent to it!

Although I realize that perception changes from person to person and from moment to moment, I also realize that there are some things, whether the be psychologically or emotionally charged, or even affected by our surroundings and the change in ambiance around us.

I think this all points to one simple fact: We can’t understand everything around us. This means that we will try to justify or create an understanding of whatever it is that our mind’s latch onto and want to figure out. Sometimes, creating a link to something totally un-related(are you really mad at the coffee shop guy for putting in 3 pumps instead of 4? Or are you really worried about that payment on that shiny new car?).

We all make our own choices based on our own perceptions, based on how we all “want” to perceive the world. It makes me wonder sometimes. The more I create a positive mindset, the happier I feel. The happier I feel, the better I mentally prepare myself for days that I want to really shine or do something great.

So is it this perception that makes me feel time moves more quickly? Am I happy because I want to be, or just because I have placed myself into a position to be happy?

Or is it yet another mystery that my perception won’t tell me the truth about?

Thanks for reading guys and drop me a comment if you like!!


2 thoughts on “How Time Flies!

  1. It really is! I have a couple of drafts i need to edit and then publish from this weekend. I’m excited to share this journey. It is so amazing to get such great feedback from guys and gals who have been in the same place before.

    I hope that I can help others, the way you guys help me, someday.

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