The BP MS150- What it Means to Me

So, I’m training for the MP MS150 Houston to Austin in April. At first I thought I had gone insane, bit off too much, and this was going to look something like a wrecking ball falling on a cake, by the end.

Seemed about right since I just started cycling about four weeks ago and I have put on just under 300 Miles to date.

Even with this limited experience, I can already see that I have a lot of training in front of me, but I can totally see this as realistic and doable goal to achieve in that time frame. My fitness has been tested. And will be consistently. Up to and past this event, as I truly plan on continuing my Cycling after the BP MS150.

As I progress, I’ll be dropping a line now and then about training, riding for fun(cause that is what it is all about!), as well as a lot of the Volunteer opportunities and projects that my Wife and I are involved in.

The Training Posts will probably not be as “mature”(in regards to how I speak of it) as Other’s who Post about their training. So, if you find yourself grumbling at how poorly it is formatted or written, or what it is about, or any other general critiques, please let me know. I need to learn, and the best way to do that is to get it wrong and then be corrected.

The Fun riding posts will be just that. Something along the lines of the Wife and I going out on a nice little bike ride, or run, or maybe a plyometric workout(our favorite!!) or maybe just a walk on the beach.

And back on point!

The MS150 struck me kind of out of no where. I had never heard of it before moving to the Houston area- even though they are apparently held all over the U.S.! I think it is amazing that so many people sacrifice from their personal lives to help out others and to bring awareness and support for these kinds of causes and the events that help build funding for them.

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic, unpredictable disease of the central nervous system (the brain, optic nerves, and spinal cord). It is thought to be an autoimmune disorder. This means the immune system incorrectly attacks the person’s healthy tissue. This is something that is literally random and makes the the body attack itself. Such a thing almost seems impossible. Research is growing for this disease, but is still limited in many ways. Progress takes time and unfortunately money.

The MS150 is a Charity Ride, where every rider must raise 400$ to help the funding of the research a development of treatments and, hopefully someday, a cure. These donations are applied to all existing monies to assist the medical professionals in their goal of that eventual cure and of the proper care and treatment of all those afflicted until then.

It is so cool to be involved with such a great cause. We have volunteered for all sorts of wonderful projects. From Veteran related events, to public events, and many medical oriented/related drives. I can truly say, that the people that operate and run these organizations are true Heroes to everyone in their causes.

Knowing that people are always willing to give every last bit of themselves to a cause is a humbling experience. Just ask any Veteran what the heck they were thinking when they signed up within the last 12 years- we have been in conflicts the entire time and we knew we would be going into harms way to help people we couldn’t even talk too! Or ask the Operator of a Charity why he does it. All of the hours and sacrifices these people inflict on themselves. The countless hours that they sacrifice with their families. The wages, cause trust me, the Military will pay you, but you won’t be eating steak every night- unless you are lucky! The same goes for many of the Charities out there. Some do better than others to raise funding. But they are all out there, all the time. With no Excuses. No Complaints. And Nothing but the Will to further their cause and help people, out of only the goodness of their hearts.

We all have our own definitions of Heroes. Some have Capes or Golden Locks. Some wear a Uniform or carry a Badge or Axe. Others are more incognito about it- going about mild mannered lives, always with someone Else’s best wishes at heart. They have something in common. They willingly serve the greater good. They Volunteered to do what they are doing. By Choice! And have of these amazing people would never go out to a press corps and yell that they worked for 40 hours straight, just to get a shipment of medicine to people who really need it!

For me, Volunteering to help these Organizations out, even if it is just a bit of time or a small donation, is one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. We do it as often as we can. Giving even as much as we can of our lives and well being to help out good causes for great people.

We are humbled by those who make it their goal in life.

They way we figure it, it is the least we can do! Spending a Weeknight here or a Saturday or Sunday there. Or a few bucks now and them. We want to be a part of these great works and wonderful organizations, even if we don’t share their exact dream.

Because, in the end. Every penny helps. Every donations makes tomorrow just a bit easier. And every life saved from the work completed by these Organizations is Priceless.


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