Saddle Adjustments and Comfortable Riding


After getting some great information from fellow Bloggers!!(keyword: FitRecovery), I took that advice and used it. Man, what a difference.

It took  me a few tries, as I ran into issues I have heard of others having, where the Saddle has “detents” for the angle/pitch adjustment.

This took some time, as I had to remove the Saddle Bag. the adjustment bolt was TQ’d to 22KN(kilo-newtons). After getting off and on the bike what seemed like one thousand times, I finally got my sit bones to where they felt solid on the seat- without feeling like I was going to slide forward or was putting pressure “elsewhere”. Using a 3 foot level I have, I was able to verify the the Seat(and the floor haha) was Level. I had marked where the forward and rear portions of the seat clamp rested- so I was able to get that set back the way it was.

I snugged the Seat Bolt back up using the German Torque- “GhuudunTiiit”. Even got a nice positive click out of my elbow. I’ll get it Torqued to the recommended specs the next time I hit up the Cycling Shop. For now, I feel it is snug and not going anywhere, and I don’t think I tightened it too much.

After I was able to get it straight and level I then got in a 2 hour Training Ride on the Trainer.

This was an enjoyable ride, right up until Pete called for some play action(grr).

I was able to maintain a very steady average HR of 151 for the duration of the ride, but my cadence was a bit slower than I wanted- as it averaged 84 RPM.

The first 15 minutes were just a warm-up and I kept my HR relatively low at 140. With a very easy Gear and higher Cadence. After this I picked up the Gear and kept the Cadence fairly high(86 ish) with good breathing control. I kept this up for about another 40 minutes.

I seemed to hit a “sweet-spot” at around the 1 hour mark and picked up the Cadence with no real change in HR and continued to breath smoothly. At this point my cadence peaked at around 95 for a good 10-15 minutes. HR was strong and steady in the 148-152 range, and my breathing, while labored, was not an obstacle.

After this, I seemed to die down and bit. I let the Cadence drop as the HR tried to climb, until I eventually had to gear down to keep a higher than 80 Cadence.

Another 30 minutes or so saw almost no change in exertion(perceived) and HR and Cadence were both very solid.

The last 10 minutes I was able to pick the higher gear back up and still maintain a goal setting 95 Cadence, with HR never getting above 154.

All in all, I felt this was a very good Training Ride.  I can feel that as I continue to put on the miles, I can stay “stronger longer”(giggle worthy), keep my breathing a bit more steady, and keep my HR very close to exactly where I want it.

I am looking forward to the next Training Ride, but my next physical activity will be a 5-6 mile Run tomorrow evening. I’ll post on that later.

For now, thanks for reading and leave an comments or questions!!


One thought on “Saddle Adjustments and Comfortable Riding

  1. Nice workout, man. Thank you for the hat tip and I’m glad everything worked out well for you. Great news… Oh, and those adjustments will go a lot faster once you’ve done them a few times. Nicely done figuring out to check the level of the bike too (or the floor level). Impressive.

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