Wahoo RFLKT Bluetooth Bike Computer

So I recently got a Wahoo RFLKT Bike Computer. This package came with a Cadence Sensor as well.(Which was a cool deal- although it seems to be a standard selling package across brands).

First up: The PC.


Well the PC itself is nice and small- so for the peeps looking for something with a small foot print- it is nice and small lol.

The PC itself connects to your phone, via Bluetooth. Energy Drain really doesn’t seem to be much of an issue- compared to using the phone like crazy(like playing games and watching videos on it). I have gone on two hour plus rides and only used about 13%-20% battery. But everything was turned off except the Wahoo App(we will talk about that in a minute) and a Charity Miles App(look it up, it’s pretty neat and free too haha). This could be an issue for longer rides or in warmer weather. I will give more information later in the season, during longer rides and higher temps.

he Unit uses a regular old CR2450 Battery. Web Site lists battery life of about 12 months- I can’t find reason to complain about that. We will see how long term usage and real world conditions apply.

The unit has four buttons on the body and three different mounting options. You can do a bar mount, a stem mount, or a quarter turn mount. I played with both the bar mount and the stem mounts. The bar mount is plastic, but seems very sturdy. I moved to the stem mount, due to what all I currently have on my bars(I will probably clean them up later on as I am cluttering them up). I did not play with the quarter turn mount at all, so I can’t speak to it directly. However, both of the other mounts are more than effective, I am sure the quarter turn would be as well.

There is also a back light on the unit. But I haven’t really used it all. I can see that it would be useful in low and no light situations, to see your data metrics.

The stem mount is held on via a rubber band(supplied in the box) or zip ties(which are also supplied). I have been using the band and it has not budged at all- unless I really push it from one side(like when you hit a button). I usually hit a button and stabilize the opposite side with my other fingers, doing this results in no movement of the unit and is no inconvenience.

The only “rub” I had with the unit were moving it from mounting option to mounting option. It comes with a tool to remove the unit from the different mounts and I can really only say it takes finesse to get it to release from them. I brought this up to Wahoo support, and apparently the unit I got had the “old style” mounts. They promptly sent me the “new” ones, which are about 100 times easier to move the unit from mount to mount, should that ever be a concern. With a little luck yours will have the new mounts haha.

Wahoo RFLKT Bike PC- Mounted

Next is the Cadence Sensor.

Cadence Sensor1

The Cadence Sensor is pretty simple. It is also Bluetooth and it uses a CR 2032 Battery. Although I kind of “wish” they both used the same battery, it really isn’t that big of a deal. They are cheap enough and easy to change out.

It comes with a few mounting options as well. You can Mount it to your bike using a supplied Silicon Cover to put the Sensor in and then Zip Tie(supplied) to your off-side crank. It can also be mounted using Double sided 3M Tape(that also comes with it). There is even the option to mount it to a “shoe pod” and strap it to your shoe for use in riding multiple bikes(although not at the same time hehe) as well as measuring cadence for running- which is a cool aside. I used the silicone jacket and zip tie method. It hasn’t moved at all and is very solidly in place.

Cadence Sensor

Forgive the dust please.

Now, the Wahoo App:

The App(free download) gives you total customization over what the RFLKT Unit shows. You can basically build it anyway you want it, with any data at all showing. You can also make multiple screens(I have only configured a few, but I think you can make up to twelve or more). You can customize the Button Functions as well. So you can control things like start/stop, play music, lap, or next page.

The app also lets you do the normal things, such as set alarms/notifications for HR Zones(using a HR Monitor of course) or giving verbal queues based on whatever data you want- time, distance, speed, pace, etc.

To connect everything up, you just open the Wahoo App on your phone, then hit any button on the RFLKT and it will show up for connection so you can pair them up.

With the Cadence Sensor, you just need to spin the cranks, a blue light with flash every few seconds(shown in the pic above- yeah that took awhile to get a pic of the light on… You’re welcome) at this point the Cadence Sensor is on. It will also show up for connection to your phone.

After initial pairing- both devices connect as soon as you “start” them up, with the App open. No further “manual” connection will be needed.

So far I have had zero disconnection or data drop out issues using the Bluetooth connections. I have also paired a very cheap Heart Rate Monitor (Big Box Store clearance sales rack kind) and have had no issues with connection or data accuracy(although I really don’t try to count my pulse when it is up in the 170’s+).

The App uses your Phone’s GPS to track your route. It has been very accurate so far and matches Google Maps for distances. However, I would think that if I am in an area with poor signal that accuracy would diminish.

The App also lets you send the data to almost any data resource you want- Strava, Garmin Connect, MapMyWhichEverOneYouUse, and more.

I really have to say I am pleased with the little PC, especially for being cheaper than many other Bike PC’s. That is in part, since it uses your phone for recording and such, but the components are quality and seem like they will last a good long time- or until I can get the wife to cave on a shiny 920XT.

I do look forward to putting more miles on my bike, knowing that I have the data I want ready and visible when I want it. I would totally recommend one of these for anyone looking for an inexpensive Bike PC.

Thanks for reading and leave any comments or questions below!


2 thoughts on “Wahoo RFLKT Bluetooth Bike Computer

    • You can view the map. But I don’t know if you can create or load a route so that you can follow it. I don’t think It can. I’ll have to try this out to test.

      And I also don’t know if you can use another type of smart phone. I wouldn’t think it would be a problem connecting the devices. However the features from the Wahoo App seem much more rich and varied than other Apps- cause the Wahoo Components will connect to multiple Apps. I did sync them to the Strava and MapMy+ Apps. Just not as many options.

      All in all it was a good deal…. So far haha.


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