My Bike- Name: The Bike

My First Bike
My First Bike

Side View

Well, I have one Bike…. For now. It is a 54 CM Felt Z7. So far I have logged 206 Miles on it. These have been very enjoyable- comfort wise.

It is entirely stock. The bike shop that I purchased it from did a basic Fit for me and that has seemed more than adequate so far. I plan on hitting about 500+ miles then getting a professional fit. As it is, i have no joint or tendon soreness after rides- although my longest ride has been 29 miles so far.

The Frame is from the “Endurance” class Road Bikes from Felt.

It has a very comfortable saddle to bar drop that I have found is comfortable for at least 2 1/2 hours(my longest ride haha).

It features Felt’s Performance CF Frame with mostly internal routing(both top and bottom tubes). The Frame really makes a comfortable ride for me. I can feel it flex going over bumps and rough roads, which reduces the strain on me while riding. Which is always a good thing.

It has Tubeless ready wheels out of the box, however I do not plan on going tubeless anytime soon. It also has “All Weather” tires from felt- which have held good traction over the few rides I have had on damp or wet roads.

The Stock saddle seems to fit me well. However, I do notice a tendency to slide forward a bit and need to readjust myself to get my sit bones back on the saddle properly. I do not yet know if this is a sizing issue, or maybe an angle or something else that may need to be adjusted. That being said, I don’t/haven’t noticed any major soreness or other issues I have read that people have had with saddles.

It comes with a pretty complete Sora Drive Train. These are the “newer” version of Sora, so the Shifters are STI(which I like, so I will be “ready” for upgrades without relearning my shifting positions and patterns later on). It has a 9 Gear cassette on the wheel, and a compact crank set. So far this has served me well. I feel that this set is smooth and responsive. I know others may disagree, based on performance specs or past experience with the same series of components, but they just feel good to me.

Past this, the Bike is light. feels very agile and able to do anything I will want it to do, at least for now. I am truly enjoying this bike, and I would definitely recommend it for anyone who fits the geometry.

I’ll post more about the bike as I put on the miles, as well as updates on any modifications or upgrades as they come.


11 thoughts on “My Bike- Name: The Bike

  1. Take a look at the saddle “level” first. You should be able to set a 4′ level on there an put the bubble between the lines (mine are perfectly level (just wrote a post to publish tomorrow about this as a matter of fact). It looks like it noses down a little bit in that photo but the angle of the photo is a little steep to be certain.

    If the saddle is level, you’re either too far back or your stem is too long causing you to reach too far. Even a rudimentary fitting would set the saddle the proper distance back so your knees are properly over the pedals…

    For the saddle, set your bike up against the wall (front wheel facing to your right so the crank is facing you) and kneel down so the camera is about level with the saddle and post that photo… Depending on the drop from the saddle nose to the bar, you may even want to nose that saddle up slightly (a millimeter or two) but I can’t tell from that photo. With an aggressive posture you want the saddle perfectly level. With a more upright posture, nosing the saddle up slightly might support you better. This is a very “touchy-feely” thing, getting the saddle just right. It took me quite a while to get mine dialed in.

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  2. Alrighty! I took that photo(just added it to the Post) and sure enough- looking at it from as level to the saddle height as possible- it seems to be nosed down just a bit. I remember it was adjusted in the Bike Shop when they got me on it and I did not notice the “sliding down” issue till over the 100 Mile mark. The set screw for that may have just vibrated loose or something and allowed it to move a bit. Or maybe i sat down too hard- but I would think that I would remember that lol.

    I’ll have to adjust that back up. I have a small level I can use to assist in that.

    I’ll bet that was why I kept needing to readjust. After I adjust it and put some miles on it I’ll let ya know how it feels.

    That’s great info! thanks Jim!


  3. Yes sir, that’s definitely it. That’s actually quite a bit (my first thought on seeing the photo was, “that’s HUGE”!). You’ll find as you start racking miles up that millimeters matter. Once you level that out you’ll be a lot happier.

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      • The best hint is to swing by a store. They put me on several sizes of the same bike before we decided that one was the best. This included needing the account for a bad left hip(broke it when I was younger and doesn’t have the best range of motion).

        A lot of things can be adjusted. But if the frame doesn’t fit “you” correctly, it just ruins the whole thing.


    • They have been great! I have had zero issue with the brakes. I clean the tires and brakes after every ride. To check for debris and anything getting loose. Haven’t found anything, that doesn’t mean I won’t though! Lol


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