Another Ride on the Books!

Was able to sneak out and put in another ride yesterday afternoon. I just rode, no real fitness goals or anything. I did maintain a high HR the entire time and I felt fine. Set a pretty good pace and just pushed it out.

Also got to experience my First Flat!! Woot woot. Pics below. I picked up a staple in my front tire, in the side wall. pretty simple to pull out, and made sure there was nothing left on the inside. Since this was in the side wall of the tire, does that mean I under-inflate my tires? I usually fill them to about 120 psi(recommended by the bike shop guys). Just wondering about every one else’s experiences with that.

This was the first time I have changed a tube. was not too hard at all. When I got the bike I made sure that I picked up all the tools I would need/would make the job easier, for changing a flat. All in all, it took about 10-15 minutes- adding in a couple of minutes to take some pics and shoot some text messages haha.

This was also my first solo ride. So, it figures I would get a flat all by myself lol.

Other than that, the ride was great. Awesome weather. Traffic wasn’t bad. No one seemed to intentionally test how hard it is to hit someone on two wheels.

It was going to be a 25 mile ride- that turned into a 23 mile ride due to the flat. I try to keep most of my rides to where I only 5-10 miles from the house at any one time. So I usually make crosses with the roads, by just going up it and turning around after a few miles.

Afterwards, I felt great. Had a recovery drink( I like After Glow and sometimes Recoverite), some small and easy to digest food, and water to help gain back what I had lost.

More to come as we conquer the road!

cause: Staple
cause: Staple
Used a pop bottle to fill it up.
Used a pop bottle to fill it up.

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