Training- from my perspective

OK, so. Hot topic of the day…. TRAINING!!

I have done the same inter-web searches as everyone else. So here is my run down for my “I’m gonna train” plan.

I do not have a Power Meter- and, for now, one isn’t on the horizon.

I do have a


Cadence Sensor(on the left side if that matters) also from WAHOO

Phone(connects to the PC)- the app does the usual GPS tracking and such

Heart Rate Monitor(connects to Phone)

Two water Bottles- a larger volume, insulated, and a smaller, non-insulated one

The “will” to learn, both from other sources- online, advice given, and from my own experiences.

With that said. I have been reading up on using the Heart Rate Monitor to Ride to “Zones” or “HR Levels”. From what I understand so far, this is to workout different types of fuel consumption-like fat at lower HR Zones and carbohydrates at higher HR’s. This will help to increase my ability to ride longer and train my body to use fuel efficiently.  I have also been adjusting my gearing to accommodate an average Cadence of around 80-95.

My experience with this has been a bit mixed. By that, I mean that I have ridden four different rides to specific Heart Rates. Two were at higher Heart Rates, and I was able to maintain a steady exertion, keeping my cadence where I wanted it. The two lower HR Rides where a different story. I couldn’t keep my HR steady at the level I wanted it without adjusting my Cadence- idk if it might just be an aerobic issue at keeping that kind of speed on my legs. I also feel more tired after the Lower HR Rides(even for the same or similar duration). This may be because I am just not used to training like that at all.

I plan on continuing this for at least a few more rides. I want to get used to it a bit more and make sure that what i have been feeling so far isn’t just inexperience. I have also obtained a trainer from a friend! This will be thrown into the mix for training and saddle time. I have not yet, but will be researching training videos to watch while on it. And or programs to use for metrics to aim for during training rides on it.

My next training ride is later today- at a lower HR. I guess I should define that. By “Lower”, I’m talking sub-150 HR. “High”, so far, has been around 165+. I know this seems high, but even my Half Marathon running pace is an average of 171.

And here we go!


2 thoughts on “Training- from my perspective

  1. The reason you’re more tired with the slower cadence is that you have to use more muscle power to get the pedals round with the slower cadence… I’d give it a few weeks practicing with the higher cadence until you get used to it before you try to hold a heart rate. The rate will come down as you become accustomed to the 90 cadence. Happy cycling.

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  2. Yeah, I got the usual “DOMS” at first and now some slight muscle soreness, especially after hard rides. And I can keep a good average of ~ 85-95 RPM when I am at my higher HR levels(i.e. just riding to a higher perceived exertion). But when I go for a Lower HR and try to push a slightly lighter gear- to match the goal cadence without killing my legs-I just have a very hard time keeping the HR down haha. As you say, it may just come with time and a lot more experience.

    And my “more tired comment”, I literally feel like I am very physically drained- not so much sore. I drink Heed/perpetuem, Water, and gels or gu’s. Drinking is at 10 minute intervals alternating the water and mix. Solids are taken ~every 20 mins, just before the Water. This type of strategy has been good for and worked well for distance running(longest run to date was about 30 miles- but ramping that over the next month then a taper month to peak in April. Maybe i need to change this up a bit for the Lower HR days. I also up my carb intake by about 10-15% the day before a training ride. I can try and up that as well and see if that gives me a bit more “lasting energy”.

    I know it seems weird, but right now, I am more comfortable for longer periods of time at higher exertion than I am at lower exertion(HR’s).

    We will see how it goes!! And thank you so much for the feedback Jim. Super helpful to have someone give an honest opinion of how things look 🙂


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